PLEASE READ: there are important things here

Game made for Weekly Game Jam Week 50 with the theme "Remake a Classic". The classic we chose is a game called "1942".

Controls(For controllers PS is listed first, then Xbox):

Move: WASD or left analogue stick
Shoot: Left click, X or A
Select: Space, △ or Y

How to play:

Shoot down the enemy planes to get score. You have one life, so if you're hit, you're out! Post your highscores in the comments and have fun!

Known Issues:

The boss's movement is a bit janky  
Highscores are only displayed on the main menu                                                     
When you die, if you're still holding shoot, the menu will automatically select "try again"

UI is a bit broken in fullscreen mode


Programming: *The Zing Thing*
Art: RonnieRude
Music & Sound: azemazer
"Quick Outline" (Unity Asset Store): Chris Nolet

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity


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Nice game&music, thanks a bunch for making the game support controllers^^